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I’m moving to my own blog!

I’ve decided to start my own blog at:

The reasons why I’ve decided to stop writing on 3yen is because I wanted more flexibility in the subject area since I’m currently learning Chinese. I also have more flexibility over the site itself and you’ll see things like recent comments and static pages that I haven’t been able to add here. Unfortunately, now I’ll have to keep up with the security updates and deal with the spam, a big reason why I started on 3yen.

I’d like to thank Yves, the administrator of 3yen for hosting me for over three years (wow!) and for giving me all the post and comment data. I wish him luck and success. If you’re interested in continuing this blog, feel free to contact him! I never asked for money but who knows, you might actually be able to make some for your efforts!

I hope to see you guys at my new blog. Also to subscribers, please update your feeds to


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